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CVS Health has over 2,000 apprentices in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. It was originally for pharmacy technicians, but has now expanded to include supervisors and managers.

Salary Information – Apprenticeship in North Carolina. The apprentice salaries in North Carolina will differ from occupation to occupation. An Electrician’s salary will vary widely from a Carpenter’s salary simply because they are two completely different occupations.

Apprenticeships in building trades are among the oldest in North Carolina, consisting of construction and utility services. Those interested in working with industrial tools to improve infrastructure are well suited for the building trades.

Jul 25, 2018 · How Apprenticeships Work. The NC Triangle Apprenticeship Program gives high school seniors the opportunity to work as apprentices with a company, and then earn a college degree while continuing their apprenticeship. North Carolina 27603 | Main Tel: 919-866-5000.

The North Carolina youth apprenticeship model is not just about youth. It is really a training pipeline for young adults that is deeply intertwined with the adult workforce system. Thanks largely to federal funding categories, workforce professionals tend to separate youth training (including apprenticeship) from adult .