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We first launched in a local community hall in Sydney in early 2016 and have since expanded to Melbourne and Brisbane. If you live on the East Coast of Australia and you’ve always wondered ‘are there adult dance classes near me?’ you’re in luck. Groove Therapy is waiting for you to join with raging rooms full of good vibes and no judgement.

Sydney Beginner Adult Dance Classes Mondays & Tuesdays Various times (check schedule)107 Projects 107 Redfern Street, Redfern BOOK HERE. Sydney has a special place in our hearts since it’s the birthplace of Groove Therapy.

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WEA Sydney offer adults the chance to meet like-minded people and to study what they want, how they want and when they want. Based in the Sydney CBD, we are a not for profit organisation, offering courses in History, Languages, Music, Philosophy, Art, and more.

The Beginner classes are nice and small with only six learners per class, so attendees will have a good opportunity to receive careful instruction. Cost: $17/lesson. Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness, Sydney The Adult Learn To Swim classes include Introduction to Water - which is designed for adults who have not been in the pool before.