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Federal College of Education, Obudu - adult education department offers adult educational programmes and is situated at Cross River State, Nigeria. 3 Ikeoha Foundation 11/13 Ezillo Avenue, Independence Layout, Enugu State Nigeria.

Nigeria mostly focuses on the improvement formal education. Nevertheless, there are programmes for Non-Formal Education in Nigeria. These programs are presented by NMEC (National Commission for Adult Education Mass Literacy and Non-Formal Education).

To conclude, Nigeria akin to the majority of developing countries has placed unwarranted importance on formal education while seemingly neglecting adult and non-formal education. Adult education even though it is not strictly within the formal system has an immense influence on the number and worth of education in the formal system.

Adult education in Nigeria certainly has a number of features that distinguish it from the education of children and young people. The student in adulthood has a different attitude toward learning. Adult education in Nigeria is associated primarily with the immediate need for knowledge.

1.3 adult education in nigeria Adult education in Nigeria, as in the British West African territory of the Gold Coast, is almost entirely a matter of literacy campaigns conducted by government departments on the one hand, and extra-mural activity by the country's one university college on the other.