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The Eastern (red-spotted) newt is a widespread, native salamander of New York State and eastern North America that can live for 12-15 years! Larvae live in water and use gills to breathe. However, juveniles (also known as "efts"), become land dwellers and develop lungs to breathe air. The adults.

The red-spotted newt is more or less ubiquitous throughout eastern North America. The usual life cycle of this species includes three distinct post-hatching stages: (1) aquatic larva, (2) terrestrial (juvenile) eft, and (3) aquatic adult.

Red Spotted Newt - Notophthalmus viridescens. The Red-spotted newt is one of the most popular pet newts in the United States. Like most newts, they are relatively easy to keep in captivity, provided that you can acquire a steady supply of small vertebrates and invertebrates for them to eat.

May 31, 2016 · Warren Pond in southern Connecticut, bordered by shady oaks and maples, is a lovely place to fish for bass or sunfish. Or, if the mood strikes you, to hunt the Eastern red-spotted newt.Author: James Gorman.

The red-spotted newt is the only species of newt in central and southern Ontario. The central newt, a subspecies found in Ontario west of Lake Superior, has a darker back and fewer spots. Habitat. Adult newts are generally found in slow-moving water in a variety of ponds and lakes, and along quiet stretches of streams and swamps.