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Top 25 Cover and Remake songs that you have to know. Best cover songs and remakes in hard rock, classic rock, metal, pop, punk, and much more.

May 06, 2015 · 50 Cover Songs Better Than the Originals. By Tess Duncan | May 6 but the cover artist reimagined it with such grandeur that many don’t even realize that it’s a new take on an old song.

50 Cover Songs Better Than the Originals. By Tess Duncan -whispered vocals could easily fool anyone unfamiliar with Ben Gibbard’s early electronic days into thinking the song was an Iron.

Jul 13, 2016 · At its best, a good cover song can be better than the original. Love cover songs and cover albums? This is the definitive list of the 27 greatest cover songs of all time, from the creators of the first (and only) vinyl record club for full length cover albums, SOUNDS DELICIOUS.

[ September 25, 2019 ] Our Last Night share new song/video – ‘The Beaten Path’ music Search for: Top 25 Cover/Remake Songs You have to know! July 23, 2013. I have always loved cover songs, most specifically cover songs that I end up liking even better than their original. Those are all remakes that I hope get made. What I really like.