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cindy alpert adult sock loom

Largest collection of knitting looms sold in the world. Made in the USA. Strong durable knitting looms in 6 different gauges and over 50 sizes.

3/8" 40 peg Adult Lg Sock, Small Gauge Loom. Regular price $28 00 $28.00. 1/2" 66 pegs Adult Large Hat Loom. Sale price $27 20 $27.20 Save $4.80 1/4" 120 peg Adult Hat Fine Gauge Loom. Regular price $48 00 $48.00. 5/8" 20 peg Child Slipper/Small Adult Glove Loom. Regular price $13 00 $13.00.

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Loom knit socks are based on the round peg loom's ability to produce a tube of knitting. Some adjustment is required to make a heel. Most adult sized socks can be knit on a 24 peg round loom. Yarn has a natural elasticity that helps make the socks "one size fits all." Clean out your yarn scraps for.