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harris county adult probation department

Mission Statement. Harris County CSCD is committed to using evidence-based strategies to help individuals on community supervision eliminate future criminal behavior and become productive citizens, which in turn, creates a safer community with fewer victims.

Back to CSCD Directory Home Harris County CSCD – Adult Probation - Juvenile Probation. The Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department serves 22 district criminal courts and 15 county criminal courts at law with supervision and services for approximately 38,000 felony and misdemeanor offenders.

Mar 19, 2015 · William Brown reviewed Harris County Adult Probation Department — 1 star August 25, 2016 · The Harris County Adult Probation South Region has given me the perception that they do not care about the law abiding citizens of the community.4.8/5(19).

The Harris Cou nty Juvenile Probation Department is committed to the protection of the public, utilizing intervention strategies that are community-based, family-oriented and least restrictive while emphasizing responsibility and accountability of both parent and child.

Harris County has adopted the Texas Comptroller's recommended practices for Financial Transparency. Our goal is to make our spending and revenue information available and provide easy online access to important financial data.