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what are the characteristics of illiterate adults? The literature has tended to portray illiterate adults from a deficit perspective, embedded in a culture of poverty. Although illiterate adults may have a fully developed language system, the literature more frequently mentions that they fear failure in teaching-learning situations, have low self-esteem and self-confidence, and resist change.

The characteristics of functional illiteracy vary from one culture to another, as some cultures require better reading and writing skills than others. A reading level that might be sufficient to make a farmer functionally literate in a rural area of a developing country might qualify as functional illiteracy in an urban area of a technologically advanced country.

Characteristics of Illiterate Adults at St. Teresa's Voluntary Improvement Program and Their Implications for Training Volunteer Tutors. Flaherty, Jane Frances A study was conducted to determine: (1) characteristics of illiterate adults enrolled at St. Teresa's VIP, and (2) implications of these characteristics for training volunteer tutors.Author: Jane Frances Flaherty.

Adults; Children depend upon adults for material support, psychological support, and life management. They are other-directed. Adults depend upon themselves for material support and life management. Although they must still meet many psychological needs through others, they are largely self-directed.

r 1] Characteristics of Illiterate and Literate Cognitive Processing: Implications of Brain-Behavior Co-Constructivism Karl Magnus Petersson and Alexandra Reis ABSTRACT Literacy and education represent essential aspects of contemporary society, and subserve important aspects ofsocíalization and cultural transmission.