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Psychological tests help assess the cognitive and emotional functioning of children and adults by using verbal, visual, or written evaluations. Several psychological testing methods are helping assess attributes like personality, mental ability, and neurological functioning. Here are the common types of Author: Nadia Khan.

Psychological testing and evaluation is also used with adults, for instance, to determine the extent of a brain injury or disorder, or to decide if a person is mentally competent to stand trial.

Professional Mental Health Associates –PMHA- is a highly specialized culturally competent assessment and treatment center fully committed to providing multilingual, comprehensive, high-quality, and community-based psychological services.

Licensed Psychologists and Psychological Associates at Carolina Psychological Associates are able to provide evaluation services to families and adults. Evaluations allow for a deeper understanding of why children, adolescents and adults may be facing learning and occupational difficulties at school and work.

Psychology Evaluations Psychosexual & Psychological Evaluations For Adolescents And Adults. DQS COMMUNICATIONS HEALTHCARE GROUP uses empirically based testing protocols, including evaluation of psychological functioning, sexual pathology and disorders evaluation, personality functioning, and psycho-physiological instruments when indicated.