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May 03, 2019 · Triple bottom line (TBL) is a concept which seeks to broaden the focus on the financial bottom line by businesses to include social and environmental responsibilities. A triple bottom line.

Consideration of social and environmental factors in conjunction with financial factors will help to evaluate your business performance in a broader perspective and create a value chain. This is called your triple bottom line. A business that produces a triple .

Author Andy Savitz drew on twenty-five years of pioneering consulting experience with Fortune 500 firms to share practical ways companies can achieve measureable success against economic, environmental, and social benchmarks—the three components of the triple bottom line.Cited by: 575.

The triple bottom line is a term coined in the late 1990s by the influential business thinker and consultant, John Elkington. It captures a very neat idea, namely that a modern organisation has Author: Rob Gray, Markus J. Milne.

The triple bottom line (TBL) thus consists of three Ps: profit, people and planet. It aims to measure the financial, social and environmental performance of the corporation over a period of time.