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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is an international development finance institution dedicated to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific through loans, grants, research and technical assistance to its member countries, as well as investments in private companies.

The last reported ABA Number for Disbursing Division - New York is 021050466. According to our bank database, this bank location is a main office and servicing FRB number is 021050466. There are several Disbursing Division - New York routing numbers reported in our bank database.ABA/Routing Number: 021050466.

Role of Asian Development Bank 2. Operations of Asian Development Bank 3. Resources. Role of Asian Development Bank: It was formed to foster economic growth and co-operation in the region of Asia and the Pacific and to contribute to the acceleration of economic development of the developing countries of the region.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) offers a partial credit guarantee to projects it has participated in. This guarantee covers payments defaults by the borrower or issuer on the guaranteed principal and interest to be paid, irrespective of the reason for default.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Structure and Functions of Asian Development Bank (ADB)! The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is a multilateral development finance institution whose mission is to reduce poverty in the Asia Pacific region. ADVERTISEMENTS: Although the ADB claims to operate in the interest of Asia’s poorest citizens, civil society groups have long been concerned about the ADB’s [ ].