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The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) fleet is made up of 50 commissioned warships as of October 2018.. The main strength is the ten frigates and two destroyers of the surface combatant force: eight Anzac class frigates, two Adelaide class frigates, and two Hobart class destroyers. Six Collins-class boats make up the submarine service, although due to the maintenance cycle not all submarines are.

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is the naval branch of the Australian Defence Force.Following the Federation of Australia in 1901, the ships and resources of the separate colonial navies were integrated into a national force, called the Commonwealth Naval Forces.Originally intended for local defence, the navy was granted the title of 'Royal Australian Navy' in 1911, and became increasingly Commander-in-chief: General David Hurley, (As .

Breast enhancements aren't just for movie stars and the wealthy – the Australian navy has paid for its servicemembers (well, the servicewomen at least) to get breast implants, and other cosmetic.

Sep 16, 2007 · THE Royal Australian Navy is paying for women sailors to have breast enlargements for purely cosmetic reasons, at a cost to taxpayers of $10,000 an operation. Defence officials claim the surgery is justified because some servicewomen need bigger breasts to address "psychological issues".

The crew of HMAS Launceston celebrated the vessel's twelfth birthday in a manner that testified to the work ethic of the Royal Australian Navy's patrol boats: at sea, on operation, protecting Australia's northern maritime borders.