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Aug 02, 2010 · A: Can breast implants cause muscle tear A tear in the muscle could be caused by putting too much pressure on the muscle during normal daily activities, quick heavy lifting, during sports, or performing work tasks.It is hard to say without examining you.

Breast implant placement below the pectoral muscle requires partial detachment of the muscle, which is usually limited to a specific part of the muscle. However, excessive detachment can contribute to complications like symmastia or skin dimpling upon muscle contraction.

Dec 08, 2017 · It is more common in patients with saline breast implants and in those with subglandular implant placement (over the muscle). According to Chen, rippling after breast augmentation surgery is very common especially with textured implants, saline implants, and in women with very thin breast skin or little breast tissue.

During a breast augmentation procedure, an implant may be placed either over the muscle or under the muscle. Multiple factors play a role in determining the optimal implant placement for each individual patient, including patient health history, implant type, implant size, and the patient’s body type. While an experienced plastic surgeon is in the best position to determine optimal implant.

Types of shaped breast implants "Shaped breast implants", "anatomical breast implants", or “Gummy Bear breast implants" are a new silicone implant that uses a strong cohesive gel that offers a tear-drop appearance which mimics the natural contour and feel of female breasts.With its popularity and FDA approval in 2013, it has become a gold standard for many surgeons and patients alike.