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Breast augmentation can be misunderstood, equating it to some sort of centerfold end result. But most of our breast augmentation patients at Saltz Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City UT and Park City UT seek natural looking results, not over-the-top transformations. These women want to enhance their breasts in a natural, proportionate way.Location: 5445 Highland Dr, Holladay, 84117, UT.

Many of our patients from Layton and Park City would never even consider having bag-type implants done due to the possible complications involved and the frequent unnatural look and feel of bag implants. With a Natural Breast Augmentation™ almost all of these complications can be avoided.

Breast augmentation will create a fuller and more symmetrical appearance of the breasts. Breast enlargement surgery is customized to your body, our plastic surgeon will help you choose the size of your implants and choose the incision placement. Request a free consult with Dr. Young today!

Breast implant exchange surgery is also sometimes known as breast revision surgery. It involves surgery to remove existing breast implants and exchange them for new implants. A woman can opt to have her implants replaced for a variety of reasons. There can be problems with the implants such as implant leakage or capsular contracture.Location: 5445 Highland Dr, Holladay, 84117, UT.

Dr. Adam Kolker is a top breast augmentation surgeon in New York City providing some of the best results in breast augmentation surgery and breast implants in Manhattan & NYC.4.7/5(212).