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Sneaky Little Buggers Achievement in Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition loot midget locations

Locations. Loot Midgets are fairly rare in Borderlands 2 where there is no specific number of them: even when a particular loot midget is killed, Three to four Loot Midget will spawn during the mission Doctor's Orders when opening the boxes next to the second ECHO as long as the recorder in the parcel at the warehouse is not picked up.

Aug 01, 2019 · There are 2 well known strategies to farm Legendary Loot Midget (LLM). The first one can be way more efficient but require more luck. The second one offer always 3 LLM but require some work and a pretty long run every time.. MorningAfterKill made a quite good video about how to efficiently (not sure its a real word) use the 1st method.

The midget locations (taken from IncrediBoy's solution from the Xbox 360 version of the game - Solution for Sneaky Little Buggers in Borderlands): 1. Mini-Steve - Inside a red chest in the.

In Sawtooth Cauldron, I had 6 spawn in the area near the Eridium Blight entrance once. Usually between 2 and 5 will spawn for me. The great thing about that area is you can go to Eridium Blight after spawning them, go back to Sawtooth cauldron and some, maybe all, of the midgets will have respawned and are wandering around the area.

So, i was farming the loot midgets in the wildlifd preservistion, but it seems long and uneffective (im playing on TVHM). I can also very easly screw it up, and break it forever. Are there more good spots to farm loot midgets? And if yrs, where are they?