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Now this post is all about themes and we provided you with plenty of teen party themes to choose from. Themed parties are always the best and they make decorating so much easier. Discuss with your teen what kind of theme they want because chances are it’s not something you’re thinking of.

Beach Party fancy dress theme - You could take this one a little differently and go for Victorian Beach Fancy Dress or more mainstream with Hawaiian shorts and shirts. Grass skirts look just as good on fellas as they do on girls and a plus size bloke wearing a coconut bikini always adds an extra something to the party. The popular themes.

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Themes for a fancy dress party really depend on exactly how much you are willing to do in order to prepare for the party and what you think your guests will enjoy. A few more themes for a fancy party include: Black and White: Drape furniture and walls with white and black sheets. Tie black bows around chairs and have white centerpieces on tables.Author: Amy Hoover.

Jul 12, 2016 · 50 Of The Best Party Themes Get your party on. The more you dress up, the better the party will be. 44. Rags To Riches. Dress up as the top or bottom 1%. From fancy suits to blankets in buggies, this party will be an awesome way to see just how fancy or how down your friends can become.Author: Kay-Lynn Klug.