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Characters Kari Strutt - The protagonist in the story whom encounters internal and external conflicts as she is desperately trying to survive. Throughout the story, Strutt faced multiple challenges and difficult decisions that she has to make. For example, Kari Strutt insisted on.

Kari Strutt- Throughout Kari's life she has always been dependent on people, whether is her dad or her husband. She depends on them heavily, without the realization of her own abilities. After she had touch the bottom of the ocean as she is drowning, she had a flash back to a.

“Touching ottom” by Kari Strutt “How many fingers?” Dad asked at bath time. I was afraid, but I ducked my head into the half-full white tub. I opened my eyes, then came up sputtering. “Two.” “That’s right.” Then his hand, broad as a rainbow, covered my head all .

“Touching Bottom” In the story, “Touching Bottom” by Kari Strut, the theme is to not give even when one hits rock bottom. This is demonstrated in the story when, Ian is drowning in the ocean because the current is dragging him down and he is unable to swim due to a cramp development in his leg.

Mar 29, 2009 · In the short story, Touching Bottom, the traditional roles of the male and female characters have been reveresed. Typically, the male protaganist is the hero of the story, but in Touching Bottom the narrator, a women named Kari Strutt, is the one who saves the day when she decides to swim parallel to the shore to call for help.Author: Sarah Million.