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Silvertone: 1915-1972 sears vintage electric guitar

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Fever Full Size Electric Guitar with 20-Watts Amplifier, Gig Bag, Clip on Tuner, Cable, Strap and Strings Color Black, A600-20W- Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst. Sold by GrowKart. Sears & Other Sellers (394) geartree (287) lv-guitars (221) .

1961 Silvertone U-1 Single Cut electric guitar vintage U1 Danelectro Sears. Frets are in great great shape - all electronics work as they should. For a guitar that is 50 years old, she's in great great shape. There is a little teeny crack in the original bridge, but poses no threat. $850.00. Brand: Silvertone. $40.00 shipping.

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May 01, 2005 · Sears began selling a selection of electric guitars and amps in the fifties, but it is the 1960s that the company sold most of its more popular models. Silvertone was the house name used by Sears for their instruments but these were actually made for Sears by several manufactures including Danelectro, Harmony and Kay.