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Vintage number sizes for women are typically at least double. In other words, a woman who wears a modern 10 would probably wear somewhere around a 20 in vintage clothing. It is also important to complete vintage collections with vintage jewelry, scarves, shoes, and other accessories for an authentic look. What Is Vintage-inspired Clothing?

We Buy Vintage Clothing. We return unwanted items (if any) along with a check for the total purchase of the garments. If you sold clothing in the 1970s or before and you have some left, email us. We travel the US and Canada for vintage clothing on a regular basis. News From Vintage Vixen.

We are a wholesale vintage clothing business based out of Philadelphia, PA., offering men's, women's, & children's vintage fashions from Victorian-1990s. We welcome customers from around the world. You can purchase on-line, or visit our 14,000 sq. ft warehouse to pick your own.

Vintage Olga 23010 Ivory Nylon & Lace Panty Large. Item in great condition, 11 1/2 inches at waist relaxed 18 inches comfortably stretched. US shipping only.

Welcome to Unique Vintage, Darling - Shop Our Fabulous Vintage Clothing and Dresses. If you pay any mind to —— and what girl doesn’t —— the retro fashions trends that surround us, you realize that every day seems to generate a new fad.